7 thoughts on “ALL the littles are home! Homecoming video!

  1. JOY!! I’m in tears for you! What a story of God’s grace and your persistence, but waiting patiently (or maybe not so much) on God’s timing. What a beautiful family you both have and what a love story I can share with my DC group (who just love your really real comments!). It looks like Savannah Grace has a new brother more her size to play with too.

  2. My, my, my! Wow. It finally happened! I’ve been following since the beginning and praying.

    Praise you My Blessed God and Savior!!

    In my heart I know we will meet someday but for now…blessings and joy to your entire family! What a journey!

  3. Rejoicing with you all! How absolutely wonderful are His gifts to us. I loved watching the first experience with snow. Your entire family is so beautiful. Soli Deo Gloria!!!

  4. Just looked at this YouTube Video and cried and cried with tears of joy to see those happy smiles on those beautiful children. Thank You God and praise Your Holy Name. Love you all so much and your faithfulness to our Lord for so many years. God’s eternal blessing on your all. Thanks for letting us be a little part of this story. Hugs, Donna

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