13 thoughts on “Visa approved!

  1. Congratulations Elsa and Brian !
    You are an inspiration to so many ….. Never gave up thanks to your strong Faith !
    God Bless You All ! Safe travels……✈️✈️✈️

  2. Those children have no idea about what is about to happen to them. To be surrounded by your arms in a big, lovely home that just oozes the love of Jesus.

    To wake up in a clean bed in the security and beauty of Colorado. To enjoy an environment without scary chaos and to hear your heartbeat in their ears as you hug them.

    Elsa, we rejoice with you and know the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you day by day as you all walk through this transition. We love you and will continue to pray for all of you.
    Much Love and Hugs, Ivan and Robyn

  3. Elsa,
    I’ve journeyed and never left a comment. We have been “drinking through a fire hose” for a year now since my 6 and 7 year old grand daughters came to live with us 6 mos after we married (2nd marriage for me, first for my hubby). Our adoption was final in December! Praise God! Our home never has a dull moment and our love for the girls just grows and grows!!

    I am so pleased for you all!! Blessings upon blessings!! Praying for your family as you get to be together under one roof!
    Love from Austin, TX

    Nelda Sue Yaw

  4. Praise God! Proof to never give up hope. How blessed your children are and will be and how gracious our God is. Looking forward to your next YouTube video when they are home with you and Brian and Sam and her family and Savannah Grace and your entire extended family. Yeah!! Love you dear Elsa. Hugs, Donna

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