Getting Ready!

We are getting close.

We’ve prepared their rooms and prepared our hearts.


Wilna’s room – delighted in making this ready for her!


Full size bunk beds for the boys so we can cuddle them as they fall asleep!


Their play/school room

So exciting to prepare!

And so tomorrow I leave for one of my final visits to our children. I’m praying it’s the last visit where we leave them behind, as our adoption facilitator is saying we will have Wilna and Lovence home sometime in June, Laurentz hopefully six weeks later. (It turns out that they were unable to locate Laurentz’s birth father – I have heard (sadly), this is not unusual. We should still be able to adopt Laurentz.)


My nephew, Andrew, will join me on this trip and I’m praying for safety, sweet moments with him, great connection to the kids and intimate moments with my God.


Andrew 🙂

I’m also praying for my hubby and my mama – who will be watching over Savannah while I’m away. At three, she is go, go, go. I’m praying that Brian is still able to get some work done in between playing dolls, doing gymnastics and building pink lego houses.


Our go, go, go girl!

Will you pray those things with me?

Oh what joy!

25 thoughts on “Getting Ready!

  1. Dearest Elsa and family
    Covering all of you in prayer for safe travels – remaining healthy – wonderful happy hugs to be shared with you and children – Good rest and much stamina for Brian and Kitty. Love to you all –

  2. Praise be to God! You bet I will be praying with you, for you, for the kids, for Brian, for your momma, Savannah, and trip to and back from Hattie, and the Hattie bureaucrats, the orphanage in Hattie, biological parents of each Hattie child. I could go on and on but God already knows what you want and what His will is. May it be exactly the same. Blessings to all, Hugs, Donna

  3. Yes, Elsa, multiple prayers for all the above requests. I am so excited and happy for you and Brian and especially your Haiti kids. The rooms look so cute and I see your heart in each of them. Safe travel! Love, Ann

  4. I so wish I had met you and / or Brian at least once, but somehow our paths just never crossed… I’ve volunteered at NLCH the past 5 years, so I’ve certainly gotten to know ( and love!!) your kids. I’ll certainly be praying for everyone involved in this whole process– blessings on your sweet heads!! 💗💗😇

  5. What Joy!! Each child was chosen, each child was wanted, each child is cherished, each child grew in your hearts, each child was the missing piece to complete your family, each child is loved, each one is soon to be fully adopted into your amazing family. What joy, indeed … continuing in prayer.

  6. God has His plan for us and He always provides the right timing for events in our life. I am amazed how you stayed the course and loved these children no matter what! I am not sure I could have stayed the course. A true testimony of trusting God’s will! I pray for safe travels for you and your nephew, a wonderful last visit before you bring your beautiful family home. Blessings to you!

  7. Thanks for the pictures and the wonderful news. Love the rooms and can’t believe your little girl is 3! I’ll be praying! So exciting!!!!!

  8. Been praying for Brian, and the slow wheels in Haiti. Sounds like they are finally moving a little faster. Loved the pictures, and love your willingness to serve the Lord and your family so selflessly.
    Susan Gianakos, formerly of Parker, CO, still at PEPC

  9. Lieve Elsa, een goede reis gewenst! Heel bijzonder en wat hebben jullie een geduld moeten hebben (en nog steeds). Ga in vrede en weet je gezegend. Lieve groet,
    (Piet en) Christien
    ps zal je moeder nog een bericht sturen over stand van zaken hier

  10. Haiti Ho, Elsa. Love these last updates. You are going to be one busy mommy, very soon. Can’t wait to see your posts over the next year. Can’t wait until you write a book!
    Bless your dear family, Kathleen

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