Oh this journey…

The high: Got an e-mail from our adoption facilitator that our young birth mom made it to the embassy and was firm in her commitment to adoption. Oh Lord, to parent this little boy we love so much! We were thrilled. High fived. Laughed out loud.

The low: We received an e-mail from USCIS (the embassy) a few hours later. Our young mom wrote the name of a birth father. Up to this point she had been the only parent named – the father was unknown. Of course USCIS wants to interview this man. That interview is now scheduled for March 22nd.

The truth (even though it’s hard): Dad deserves a voice. It’s so important that Laurentz’s dad knows what is going on and feels comfortable with this decision. He should also have the right to say no. Or yes. Or maybe.

The frustration: We know truth and we honor it. But we’re just not a huge fan of our hearts beating out there all fragile and vulnerable for what seems like forever.

But then again that’s what adoption is all about. And it’s not likely to change even after we get one, two or three of them home.

Fragile. Vulnerable. Out there.

It’s what we signed up for.

11 thoughts on “Oh this journey…

  1. Each time you post and I go to read it, I take a deep breath. I am praying for all of you as you walk through this journey planned by God. He is in control and has a reason for all these twists and turns. Someday you will know the reasons. God Bless you for your strength to hang in there and love these children as you do!

  2. Things will work out for this little boy. I hope he gets you and your husband for his new parents. God will see this little guy through and place him where he needs to be.

  3. Who ever said life was easy. But with God on your side, it’s bearable. Praying for Laurentz’s birth father and the interview on March 22 to be in God’s total control with no more delays in your and Brian’s adoption of Laurentz you will bring him home soon. Praying that God will open the heart of this man to do what is right for his son and may it be in your favor. Blessings to you all.

  4. Yes, the Lord has said we would have trials in life and you Elsa have had many. As you know you have come through everything well as He walks beside you and even holds you up at times ( I think of your stories on the Divorce Care videos). You and Brian both know He has a plan as we are reminded in Jer. 29:11 and you are listening to Him. He will guide you and these children to where you all need to be. Of course, we all pray that His will is for all of you to be together as a family. As I have been deep in study of Job in CBS I keep thinking about all of you and know that His will must be done – just keep strong and keep Satan from your doorstep. Hugs and much love to you and your family, Alona

  5. Hi Elsa:

    I’m so happy to hear the the children’s mother showed up in court, and I’m praying that when they interview the father, that he is willing to let Laurentz come live with your family. Even though we know that God is in control, it is hard to go through trials in our lives. Satan loves to tempt us and make us doubt God’s trust.

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