Off to the Wild! (Short update)

I always pick the best times to go to Haiti. I’ve gotten caught up in a riot and been drenched in an unrelenting downpour. I’ve listened to gunshots and couldn’t leave because of tires burning outside the orphanage gate…

It’s always interesting.

I leave this morning for another trip. Of course it wasn’t until after I scheduled it that I found out there are elections going on. Not to worry, says the US, except for the days leading up to the election and the days immediately after. Then you have to watch out for road blocks, burning tires in the streets, out-of-control protests.

And you thought American politics were dicey…

All that to say, please pray.

I head out in an hour and will meet up with my niece, Mallory, in Miami. We will spend the night there and land into Haiti tomorrow. The election is planned for Sunday and we leave again on Tuesday (Hmmm, would that constitute a few days leading up to and a few after the election?). Please pray for a safe arrival to the orphanage and that we will be able to leave when it’s time to head to the airport on Tuesday. Pray also that God would protect us while we spend time with the children and that all the staff, children and visitors would be safe within the confines of New Life.

***interruption by adorable toddler, packing, dogs barking, smooching my man, a random TV show***

So I was going to write a nice long update blog, but now I have to jump in the shower and head to the airport. So let me get right to the point. Will you please pray for these things, starting ummmm, now?

  • Safe travels to and from the orphanage, and while we are there.
  • Sweet time of connection with my lovely niece, Mallory
  • Wonderful moments with Wilna and Lovence, that they would know how much they are loved – that they are family. Pray for our bond to grow deeply and sweetly in this visit.
  • Comforting moments as my heart aches for Laurentz. I will go to the toddler room to hear the little ones say, “Mama Laurentz!” only no Laurentz will be there.

Thank you, dear ones! I will update you when I return!




16 thoughts on “Off to the Wild! (Short update)

  1. In God’s perfect time – just received this post before leaving for Community Bible Study (CBS) where you have many fans – it is a day for sharing and praying so there will be a whole pack of us praying for you, your travels and safety and of course the children. May God be with you and your niece – can’t wait to hear what God does on this trip. In His Love, Alona

  2. Elsa…A long time since you were at PEPC,,,, but we still pray for you and your hubby/family. John and I have moved from our home in Parker of 42 years to a retirement community BIG adjustment, but with God’s help we will flourish. You are sooooo brave, and used mightily by God. Thank you,

  3. Praying for your heart and the hearts of the children. I pray for all of your safety. I’m also praying for those children who live there every day and don’t get to fly away from these heartaches and daily devastating circumstances. Father, Lord Jesus, protect your children and be their source of protection, comfort, strength and joy. You are loved!

  4. Praying now for God’s protection for you and your niece and for children in Haiti. May God’s piece be with Brian and Savannah while you are away. Love you girl!

  5. You will constantly be in our prayers..I’m so sorry your little one won’t be there but love on sweet baby girl and boy…Please be safe…Love you

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