Emotional day – for everyone

Earlier today I sent out a 911 prayer request, asking that God would open a door to allow Wilna’s birth parents to be interviewed. Your prayers truly made a difference. Within an hour of requesting your prayer, the parents were ushered in to meet with the officials.

It’s an intense process. The officials want them to truly understand what they’re doing, and they make it pretty tough on them. They tell the parents that they will never see their children again, never hear from them, never know what happens to them…

It brings tears to my eyes just imagining that conversation regarding any of my children. So no, we want these birth parents to know about their children, we want to honor them and keep them up to date on their lives as much as we’re able.

But of course the officials stress those things because in some cases that’s what happens. Children are adopted and are never heard from again.

We don’t know for sure what unfolded in that interview, but we do know that a decision was not made. The officials simply didn’t feel confident about it. The parents will head home to the mountains and must return on March 10th to be interviewed again. If there is any uncertainty at that meeting, we will no longer be able to adopt Wilna and Lovence.

And honestly, as much as that breaks our hearts, that is as it should be. Birth parents matter. Their hearts matter. These children, as much as we feel like they’re ours, are not ours. They belong to a couple who live in the mountains who are unable to care for them, and in particular cannot care for Lovence and his special needs. We would be honored to add Wilna and Lovence to our family, to love them as our own and raise them to adults, but that’s not our decision to make.

Oh my friends, will you pray with us that God’s will would be done in the lives of these children? That when these parents come back for the second interview, that they would feel God’s presence, comfort and direction? Pray also that they would not heed any lies. Sometimes witch doctors will tell them that people want to take their children to do horrible things to them… voodoo is big in Haiti and that can play a role as well in the decisions people make.

It’s been an emotional day. My man flew all night and arrived to these realities. He will still try to meet with the director on Monday – we are not sure what it will accomplish, but we want to keep our file front and center so we can move on to the next step.

If everything were to come together in the way we hope, we could have our children by Christmas. If not, we will spend another Christmas loving them in Haiti.

Either way, God set them on our heart and we will love them always – no matter what, no matter where.


16 thoughts on “Emotional day – for everyone

  1. I’m still praying for God’s will be done. I understand your point made for the birth parents and am so grateful that you are showing God’s love to all involved. It is unfortunate that the witch doctors still have so much influence so I will pray extra hard for the devil to be defeated there and truth to be known. May God bless your family for their patience and care for these children.

  2. Dear ones, Your faithfulness and trust in God’s will and His timing are inspiring for us all. I know prayers work and I also know that God’s timing is paramount. I will continue to pray for God’s will be done in all three of those beautiful children’s lives, whether in Haiti or Colorado. Patience is a virtue that God honors. So I am praying also for you and Brian to continue being patient. Giving away a child must be the most painful thing a parent could ever do. I will be praying for the interviewers and the natural parents of all three children follow God’s will for their children. Love you all. Hugs, Donna from PEPC

    • Thanks so much, Donna. We couldn’t agree more. Can’t imagine how difficult this must be for them. We want to honor them! We appreciate your prayers – we know they make a difference!

  3. Elsa, Just now reading your post. I am praying for God’s peace to reign over this situation, in your hearts, and that He would intervene and clearly work on behalf of these children so that they may know His love and power. Thank you for sharing your journey.

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