Please pray right now!

Right this second, Wilna’s parents are sitting in a social services office in Haiti. The appointment yesterday was cancelled (by the officials) so they came back today. The officials are saying that there are a few things that need to happen with the dossier before they can interview. Brian is in a different section of social services waiting – having just arrived in Haiti.

We have our appointment with the officials Monday, so this desperately needs to happen today so that Wilna’s file can be completed.

Please pray with me that God will make a way where there is no way. Even on a Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm in Haiti.

Please, Lord.

8 thoughts on “Please pray right now!

  1. Praying continually for God’s will and power be done on Wilna’s behalf. May He bless you and Brian to bring all three children home with you next week. Hugs, Donna from PEPC

  2. Father, We know Your perfect Will is to be done in the lives of these children and this family. Nothing is too big for You. You are the God who parts seas, crumbles walls, destroys enemy armies, heals the sick, restores the broken, and saves our souls. We ask You to pour Your red blood over all this red tape. Make a way, LORD! You know and hear each one of our prayers before we even ask. We ask in Your son, Jesus’, name to hear the cries of Brian, Elsa, Wilna, her parents, the boys, the office workers and every one involved. Touch this entire situation with Your hand. Thank you, Jesus. We love You and trust You. Amen!!

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