Miracles Happen!

Yes, miracles happen and now here we are getting greedy. Will you pray with us for another? 🙂

Oh friends, I’ve been sitting here at my computer trying to think how to even begin. I want to keep this blog brief, because we have much to pray for today and I don’t want to lose you before the prayer request – but at the same time, I want to brag on our most beautiful, kind, amazing, mighty God.

Let’s see if I can bullet point the huge news.

  1. We had to cancel our i600 appointment because we found out our adoption liaison completely dropped the ball on some major items.
  2. God gave me, someone who has trouble killing a bug, the boldness to fire our adoption liaison.
  3. Through a miraculous intervention, we gained an audience with the director of social services in Haiti.
  4. She was angry that our file had been languishing for two years. She learned of Wilna, reviewed her file and handed us over to their lawyer to review the file.
  5. After hours and hours going through myriad offices – one group to another to another, we returned to the director and watched her write in French “I approve this dossier.” I nearly wept.
  6. From there we went to another series of offices and received a case number – a case number is a HUGE deal because it means Wilna is in the system, and even if she doesn’t come home with the boys, there’s a far greater chance she will come home eventually. To get a case number in one day is unheard of!
  7. Many things need to happen this week and then Brian will fly in to meet with the director again on Monday. Wilna has a case number, but on Monday they will review the file, review the interview with the birth parents (which will happen tomorrow) and determine whether she can join the boys so they can all come home together.
  8. If you know Haiti at all, you know that getting an audience with the director is incredible. Getting a birth parent interview scheduled in less than a week is unbelievable. Gathering important documents from all over the country in such a short period of time – nearly impossible.

And yet God is working mightily and it’s nothing short of miraculous.

Oh, And to add improbability to miracle, the very adoption liaison we had to fire has been graciously helping us all week to gather information and pull everything together.


It’s tough to describe the emotion. We love these children so very much. And we truly want what is best for their lives. It seems like God has made it clear they are all coming home, but we still want to hold it loosely and pray for God’s very best for them. Tomorrow at 10 a.m. (Eastern time), Lovence and Wilna’s birth parents will be interviewed. Please pray that their voices will be heard, their hearts understood. We want to honor them as the birth parents of these children we love so much. Pray that the questions are clear, that their answers are from the heart and that God would bring them comfort and clarity throughout the process. Pray also for Brian as he is traveling on business all week and will fly to Haiti on Friday to meet with the officials on Monday. Pray that they would utilize their authority to right the wrongs, and Lord willing, that Wilna will be able to come home with the boys.

What a week! We are blown away. Undone. Profoundly grateful.

Thank you for your prayers, and please don’t stop now. We will update you as soon as we hear more about the meeting with the director…


33 thoughts on “Miracles Happen!

  1. Elsa, it is amazing each time I read one of your posts….I feel the emotions you and Brian are feeling….but my mind overthrows those thoughts to focus on what those three beautiful kids must feel. What they will understand down the road as they grow up and learn details. My heart aches and my eyes fill with precipitation (lol) to think of how LOVED they feel….through emotion AND intellect. To see the ups, downs, pain, sorrow, trials, tribulation…..for just ME??? My heart swells knowing the analogies/similarities to the love of our enduring Heavenly Father. To have earthly parents that lavish the love that is so visible through the actions to rescue those beautiful kids and give them a forever home….I’m at a loss for words. God is so good. Thank you so much for sharing your tender heart and thoughts with us all. Prayers abound. Thankful for your life and love your beautiful heart and mind. Much love! Paula Kesterson

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    • Paula, thank you so much for your sweet words. Truly beautiful. We feel blessed to have the chance to raise these children (should God open the door). They have as much rescued us as anything. They are true treasures and we would be so delighted to be their mom and dad for as long as God would allow. What an honor! Thank you for your prayers – we are so very grateful for them!!! Big hugs!

  2. Oh my, our God is an awesome God. Through tears of joy I prayed while reading your email blog. Praise God that all three kiddos coming home with you and Brain and Sam. Safe travels, good health all around. Blessings all around. Donna

  3. What a praise to hear that finally after all this time the boys and their sister will be with you and your family. Will be praying that all the paperwork will be accepted and that the birth parents interview will go well with the court system and everything can finally be finalized. God sure worked a miracle for your family.
    Keep me posted on the outcome.
    Diana Nino

  4. Oh Dear God, You have been moving mountains. Please do not stop now. Let these precious little ones go to the wonderful home that you have already provided for them. Let their birth parents know how blessed their children will be in the loving arms of Elsa and Brian. May you, Father, be glorified in this. Hover over all that is concerned in Your creative ways making all things possible. Amen and amen.

  5. I am so thrilled to hear so much good news and many miracles. You are wonderful to persevere for so long. To remind you who I am, I contacted you through divorcecare. On Monday I am adopting the two yr old boy, I’ve fostered since newborn. Praise The Lord!

  6. If one was not a believer in miracles before this amazing journey, this story would take care of any disbelief. I continue to pray!!!! With love, Nat


  7. Gods grace and favor seen to be all over this situation. Praying for the Holy Spirits movement upon each conversation and interaction. And that He would be seen through your eyes and character as you pursue giving these children a blessed new life. You guys are amazing!!!! Love, Hugs and Kisses! Anastacia

  8. Glory, Glory to The Lord!! Praises! Thank you for sharing the journey with us. We are continuing to pray & very thankful for tear proof iPads. We LOVE YOU ALL!

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