Could we have a next step?

It feels like forever since I’ve updated you.

Oh wait, it has been. May 2014. Nearly nine months since I wrote last to tell you that we were still waiting to find out about Wilna.

The first bit of news: according to our adoption liaison there in Haiti, we will not be able to bring Wilna home at the same time as the boys. This may mean she doesn’t get to come home with us at all, but we try not to let our hearts go there. Bottom line, we truly want God’s will for Wilna’s life. His will may be that she come home to us later, or it could be that he has other plans for her. As much as that’s difficult to swallow, we honor it.

We truly want what’s best. Whatever that may be.

Of course God could always do a miracle and orchestrate her arrival with the boys. We’d be thrilled with that too.

Oh friends, its tough to keep our hands and hearts open through this process. Loving and letting go at the same time is nearly impossible. The only way we can walk it out is to resolve to love these kids wherever they land. If any of them remain in Haiti, we will do our best to love and serve them there.

Now on a brighter note, we may have some good news about the boys.

I am headed to Haiti on February 7th for an appointment on February 11th with the US Embassy. I will file the I-600 which, upon approval, would classify Lovence and Laurentz as our immediate relatives. Our adoption liaison assures us that they are nearly out of social services and that it’s time to take this step.

I’m not sure how long it would take once we get approval. It could be six months, it could be another year. No one seems to be able to gauge the time…

So we hold on and we love and we pray.

And we do our best to trust.

Would you pray with us for some specific things?

Samantha will join me on this trip. Please pray for safety, health and great connections with the children.

Pray that our adoption liaison would gather all the paperwork needed to file the I-600, that he would show up to come get me at 6:30 a.m. on the 11th – and that we would be safe traveling through the streets of Haiti.

Pray for our I-600 to be approved and that any issues would be easily addressed.

Pray for our hearts as we wait, but more for the children. That God would pour over them, protect them and care for them there. He has a plan for their lives, we just want to fulfill our part of it!


That’s it for now. Thank you for traveling this road with us – we’re so grateful for you.

20 thoughts on “Could we have a next step?

  1. I know it’s hard to accept that Wilna’s adoption is so uncertain. With prayer God will grant discernment and knowledge of His will for her life and the lives of the boys. All that can be done is to wait, pray and listen for His word. My prayer is that God will bless your and Samantha’s trip to Haiti and hold you in the palm of His hand. With love, Nat

  2. Thanks for the update Elsa. We hope that everything will work out for you and these children. Thinking of you!

  3. Keeping you and our Haitian kids always in my prayers. May God’s will be done. We have already enclosed them in our hearts. Have a successful trip with Samantha. How wonderful that she is joining you! Sending lots of love from SC!

  4. May the peace of God travel with you and Sam all the way to Haiti and back. And may He keep you safe, healthy, and faithful to Him while there. You and your family are so amazing. Praying for you all. Love you. Hugs, Donna

  5. I am praying my friend. When you look back at this time it won’t seem so long. I know from my infertility experience. But going through it is long and you are right – the only way to manage it is in God’s arms.

    Love you.

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