The wait… oh, the wait!

Adoption is so much about the wait. Sometimes I wonder if God feels the same anxious anticipation as He waits for us to say yes to him. I think He must – joy, anticipation, longing. He’s the best parent of us all, so I can only imagine how excited He is for the day we choose to become his children.

            We are in that boat. Waiting. Anxious. Excited for the day. We have good news in that we’ve been approved by our local adoption agency to adopt all three children. We had been approved for our two boys, but adding Wilna was another step in the journey. What a process! We so respect our agency and their desire to make sure we know what we might be getting in to… parenting two children with traumatic backgrounds is a big deal, parenting three little ones in addition to Savannah is an even bigger deal. We interviewed with our agency extensively and did lots of research. Joy upon joy they met as a team and determined us able.

            Thank you, Jesus!

            So here we are.  Waiting again. Right now we are waiting with the hope that Wilna will be able to join her brother and Laurentz in the adoption process on the Haiti side. There are lots of things that need to fall into place for that to happen. Will you please pray with us that God’s will would be done on Wilna’s behalf? We love to imagine that his best for her would include our family, our home, our beautifully goofy world, but we also understand that our plans are not always his.

They have the same smile... oh, please Lord!

They have the same smile… oh, please Lord!

            Please also keep in prayer my trip to Haiti. I head there on February 6th and my dear friend Jan will join me. So excited! I will get to meet Wilna for the very first time and see the boys for the first time since November 2012. Please pray for safe travels, sweet connections and lots of great bonding time. Pray also that if I need to do any adoption errands in the chaos of Port-au-Prince, that I would navigate those things like the super savvy traveler chick that I like to think I am….

            I think that’s it.

            Thanks for praying.

            We are always grateful!

4 thoughts on “The wait… oh, the wait!

  1. We will absolutely be continuing to pray about all of this, Elsa. You have been called to parent these 4 children and He is faithful in the calling. He goes before you with every step and we surround your family in prayer, love and support. Breathe and get ready, Mama!

    Much Love and Prayer, Robyn and Ivan

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