Face to face

I stared at the photo, tears in my eyes.

Back in the day ultrasound photos weren’t very detailed. My sweet Samantha looked like a weeble wobble: tiny head, round little body.


I didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl then. I had yet to touch her face or nuzzle her soft baby skin. But I loved her with all my heart.

I had the same sense of awe when I married my husband and took his son and two daughters into my heart and prayers. Even though I hadn’t raised them, my heart was full for their good.

Then tiny Savannah Grace. I got to see her curly haired head come into the world. Birthed by a brave young woman and set into our arms. Awe. Wonder. Beauty.

Now again, I feel that same fullness in my heart. Brian left early this morning to head to Haiti and see Lovence and Laurentz – and to meet Wilna for the very first time.

I was up in the night thinking about it. We know what Wilna looks like from a photo the orphanage director sent to us. Beautiful eyes, warm smile. Just like that ultrasound pic, we’ve looked at it with longing and love. We’ve wondered what it will be like when she comes into our world, when we will get to serve her as Mom and Dad.

We bought her a doll. And some pretty outfits. I tried to will my love into each item and imagine her petite fingers holding the very same cloth, the very same box.

I have yet to touch her face or snuggle her close, but I love her.

I love our boys: I love Sean, Lovence and Laurentz.

I love our girls: Jessica, Cassie, Samantha, Savannah. And I have come to love this fifth daughter, this child of my heart, Wilna.

Amazing how God does that: fills your heart with love for a child you have yet to meet.

I thought I would only get to be a mom of sorts to one child. Now I have the privilege of being bio mom, adoptive mom and stepmom to eight all together.

I’m not sure what our God was thinking, but I should probably buy some parenting books pronto.

That and some chocolate. And maybe a bottle of bubble bath stuff.

But I digress.

Oh friends, will you please pray for Brian – for his travels, health and heart? Pray for wonderful moments of connection with all three of the children. Pray for safety and strength. He will also meet with our adoption contact in Haiti to find out the latest. Pray that all will unfold just as it should…

And pray for me. I will get to take my turn to meet Wilna in a few months. Pray that I will be patient as I wait for that sweet day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


12 thoughts on “Face to face

  1. It is so true. Every one of our foster kids and foster adults as well as our bio children I’ve felt love, different of course, because each is different, but love, just the same. So happy for you!

  2. Hurray! God is doing amazing things your life. Pray for safety and success for Brian.

    Love you, my friend.

    Vicki Mowery
    Executive Assistant/Operations
    Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church
    303-841-2125, Office
    303-549-9469 — Cell
    303-841-2076 – Fax


    “Inspiring people to love God and equipping them to serve Jesus Christ.”

  3. Wow, what an incredible journey for you and Brian. It just keeps getting better. I will be praying for Brian’s travels, health, safety, strength, and heart? I will pray for blessed moments of connection for him with all three of the children. I will pray that his meeting with the adoption contact in Haiti will unfold just as God wills it to. And for you sweet lady, patience for when it will be your time to meet Wilna and hold Lovence and Laurentz again. Trust that it is all in God’s timing. Your sister in Christ. Love, Donna

  4. This song, “AMAZED” soared in my heart after reading this knowing HE is dancing over you, Brian, your children, and entire family…and Our God is holding your hands on the journey!! Keep sharing as it encourages my (&others) faith walk too.

    You dance over me
    While I am unaware
    You sing all around
    But I never hear the sound
    Lord we’re amazed by you,
    You paint the morning sky
    With miracles in mind
    My hope will always stand
    For You hold me in Your hand
    Lord, I’m amazed by You

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