One, two, three…. four? Oh my!

I think we could qualify for a reality TV show.

In fact we discussed this over dinner last night. Our only issue is that we don’t fight enough and we genuinely like each other. That and we all hate drama.

Which makes for lousy TV.

Other than that though, life in the Colopy household is worthy of a prime time adventure series.

It began way back with the story of Nathaniel. Then God introduced us to Lovence and Laurentz. We got all the paperwork submitted on the US side. Not too long after that, Savannah entered our world in the most unexpected and delightful way. What an amazing gift! Three months later, we received more wonderful news. Despite the change in laws and all the confusion in Haiti, we were given case numbers for our boys on May 20th. For those not familiar with the process, that means the Haitian side of our adoption had officially begun – and we could likely have the boys home within 18 months.

Reason to celebrate!

But then there was more.

We recently received an e-mail from our Haitian contact. Lovence’s father had come by the orphanage with a little girl in tow. He took her to the orphanage director, he could no longer care for her.

Now the director was contacting us. Would we be willing to adopt Wilna as well?

Our hearts broke. They broke for Wilna, driven 12 hours through mountainous terrain to be dropped off in a strange place. Our hearts broke for those parents, who felt the only solution to care for their seven children was to give two of them up for adoption.

How could we possibly say no?

We soon received a picture and our hearts opened wide to embrace a little girl with a big, beautiful smile.

Wilna, Laurentz and Lovence

Wilna, Laurentz and Lovence


Lord, would you have us do this?

You must think we are stronger than we think we are… do we have it in us to care for four young children with their own unique needs? Do we have enough love? Enough energy? Enough resources to serve them well?

Probably not.

But wait. Good news. Great news, in fact. We know the One who does have all that we need, and He is all about adoption. And He loves us. He has more than enough love, energy and resources to care for our children. He can pour through us. He is our father, our God, the One who has a plan and a hope and a future for each of these amazing kids. Together, Lord willing, they (along with our adult kids) will become a family who will love each other, depend on one another, grow together, laugh together, pray, play and live gloriously passionate and beautiful lives.

Will you pray with us? Pray that God would open just the right doors. Pray that He would orchestrate every detail. Pray that He would comfort Wilna, Lovence and Laurentz while we are all apart. It would take a miracle to add Wilna to the process that has already started, but God has already shown himself to be the God of adoption miracles in our lives.

Beautiful Savannah Grace is living proof of his goodness.


Savannah Grace

So yes, Lord. With joy. With abandon. Yes to whatever You want us to do. Pave the way. Open the doors.

May your will be done… and may we have enough ummmphhhh to parent these kids through the ups and downs of whatever this life may bring.

Amen and amen.

And amen. 

Oh, and Lord, when our daughter Samantha talks to you about the Nathaniel that she still thinks you will bring… well, yes to him too.




8 thoughts on “One, two, three…. four? Oh my!

  1. Praying so hard for you…..I just have tears of joy over this news….and I know that God will give you all that you need to be to these wonderful children ..His faithfulness is as high as the sky…..

  2. Wow – God is amazing. He can certainly do MUCH more that we can ever ask or imagine.
    Isn’t it exciting?

    I am so thrilled for your family. It is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Praising God with you, my friend.

    Vicki Mowery
    Executive Assistant/Operations
    Parker Evangelical Presbyterian Church
    303-841-2125, Office
    303-549-9469 — Cell
    303-841-2076 – Fax


    “Inspiring people to love God and equipping them to serve Jesus Christ.”

  3. God is so faithful to fill his promises! I am praying for you that whatever doors need to be open, God’s Will be done!

  4. You will have your hands full, but your heart will be fuller! Praise to you and my soon to be ex- bible study leader.

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