Don’t stop!

I’ve been wanting to update you for a few days now, but we’ve been waiting… and we are still waiting. We will have to get really good at waiting over the coming weeks and months!

I do want to ask for your continued prayer for our young mom. She has not signed the papers yet, but we received word that she has made a decision to do so…

Pray for her heart. Pray for both boys. Pray for us.

We will update as soon as we learn more!


9 thoughts on “Don’t stop!

  1. Father in Heaven, you love these boys more than anyone can fathom. I ask You, dear Father to soften the heart of the birth mother and allow her to see the wisdom in her choice. Allow her to know without a shadow of doubt that loving them enough to place them with their adoptive family is in their best interest and something you ordained so very long ago. Adoption does not mean you lose a family , it just means you become a family of many. Father, thank you for interceding for Brian, Elsa and the entire family. We pray for a speedy decision, Lord….In all things and for Your Glory, we give thanks.

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