How do you say goodbye?

She was young when she birthed him – barely a teenager really. And now she’s getting ready to sign papers to release her little boy for adoption.

I can only imagine the emotions welling up in her heart. Sadness, fear, loneliness, shame, uncertainty…

So I am asking you to pray. Please pray for Laurentz’s mom. She is supposed to meet with an official of the court, along with a pastor and the orphanage director tomorrow. Please pray for this young mom, that she would come to the meeting, that God would touch her heart, that He would bring her peace and that she would know, deep down, that her boy will be loved and cared for well.

Brian and I already love him like our own and would give our lives for him in a heartbeat.

Pray that this young woman would know that truth. Pray for God’s comfort and strength.

I feel such a profound sense of gratitude to her… and deep compassion for all that she must be feeling. As much as it is within our power, Laurentz will know her as the courageous and valiant woman that she is…

It’s my hope that her goodbye will not be forever, that one day Laurentz will meet her again – a godly man who will fold her into his embrace, kiss her on the forehead and express deep gratitude for her sacrifice.

Oh Lord, may it be so.

17 thoughts on “How do you say goodbye?

  1. Saying prayers for this beautiful woman, your son and for you and Brian. What a wonderful woman of God you are Elsa…

  2. Really appreciate your perspective on this. So self-less in your consideration of Laurentz’s mother and her emotional struggle. That is God’s heart as well, always tender and patient. So, Father in Heaven, let this mother see her boy in your hands and arms, held close and well kept.

  3. i hope she does find the peace she needs and has the knowledge that even though she can’t take care of her little man right now he is going to good people who will love him and take care of him. i will pray for not only for her and her son but for you and your husband as well as you all go through this journey.

  4. Being the adoptive Mother of a now 23 year old; I have never stopped praying for his family, nor have I ever stopped reminding him how much Abigail must have loved him to give him to us!

  5. Much prayer as you all continue to walk this path with the Lord stepping in front of you. LU much and hope to meet your little guys someday.

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  6. Our prayers are for this young mom, and the precious mom and dad whom God has called to be Laurentz’s forever parents. Thank you for the update….always wondering how things are going.

  7. Yes we will pray for the Holy Spirit to be with her, Laurentz and you guys as you hold tightly to Jesus’ hand in this chapter. Love you guys – J&P

  8. Hi Elsa,
    I pray that this adoption will finally take place and that Laurentz’s mom will come to that special meeting tomorrow to give her boy a new life. May God give her a peace that she has never known that Laurentz will be loved and cared for by both you and Brian. If she has met you then how could she not know. You two will be such a blessing to Laurentz.
    Peace and grace, Donna

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