My first 48!

I held my boys today.

I laughed with them.

I even changed a dirty diaper.

I arrived in Haiti on Thursday and I’m drinking in time with my boys. In fact I went to go play with them after lunch – Lovence was getting ready to nap and Laurentz was sound asleep. Wake up! I thought. I want to play!

For a woman who cherishes her 10 minute power snooze every day… it’s telling.

I’ve had some great moments in the near 48 hours that I’ve been here.

Delighting in Laurentz as he slept in my arms. Studying all of his features and praying over each and every one.

Laughing outright with Lovence as we played on the swings. On his upswing, I would stop him in midair and make funny faces. (I’m hilarious when I scrunch up my nose all funky… seriously).

I also met with our adoption liason here in Haiti. I gingerly handed over a mountain of paperwork and envelopes. I hesitantly asked him how long it might take to bring our boys home, and nearly hugged him right there when he said hopefully 18 months. We’d be thrilled with 18 months, but we’re praying for even less than that. Would it be crazy to pray for next Christmas?

What do you say? Will you join us in that prayer? I know that’s only 13.5 months, but hey… what better way to start their lives in America then Christmas in Colorado! And how fun to have matchbox cars, legos and soccer balls for two little boys under that tree!

Oh Lord, please…

Okay, so here are some pics from the first few days:

This is Lovence and his wonderful daytime nanny, Familisse (sp?)


Here’s Lovence with Miriam when we went into the big city. Yeah, that’s another blog in itself.


Me and Laurentz


The first time the boys played together – and look at Lovence sharing… and Laurentz with his natural little mohawk. 🙂

Fun to share this journey with you all – thanks for taking part!!!

13 thoughts on “My first 48!

  1. Continued prayers for this journey you and Brian are on with these precious children of God. Enjoy making memories together until they are home with you. Love from us to you. Women’s Retreat Team – St. Paul’s Church, Vero Beach, FL

  2. I think it is amazing that he was willing to say 18 months out loud. WoooHooo. I’ll pray with you for 13.5, though. Wouldn’t that be great! Love the photos. 🙂 Can’t wait to see Brian down there with you. God bless your trip.

  3. Dear Elsa, Thank you so much for the update on your trip to Haiti and for the precious pictures. I am glad you made the trip safely and that the news concerning the timing of the adoption is so positive.

    I was pleasantly surprise at what the pictures showed of the facility where the boys are being cared for- it appears full of light and well appointed.

    I continue to pray every day for you, Brian and the boys. I know that God is watching over all of you and thatHe knows when you’ll be able to bring Lovence and Laurentz home.

    Give the boys a hugfrom me! Nat


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