Easy mister, important stuff here!

I stood in the FedEx office with a firm grip on the box. All of our most important documents were in that little box and I was reluctant to hand it over.

The guy pulled.

I held fast.

He jerked it a bit and I finally let go. My heartbeat quickened. Sure, FedEx will usually get packages where they need to go, but what if mischievous hooligans hijack the truck? What if the pilot of the FedEx plane goes rogue and flies to the Bahamas for a little fun in the sun? Or what if the package arrives only for someone to spill a monster mug of coffee and ruin it all?

You see where my overactive imagination gets me…

Thankfully, praying friends and family, the package did make it to Chicago, our documents were all stamped and legalized at the Haitian consulate and were safely returned without incident. Our home study is next – winging its way to Chicago to prayerfully be returned to our agency before I head to Haiti next week.

We did not make our November 1st deadline, but it turns out that there are things to be done on the Haiti end as well. Even if we had delivered our paperwork by October 20th, we still would not have made that November 1st deadline.

So what does that mean?

Well, I will hand deliver everything November 8th. We don’t know if the adoption laws will have changed by the time our items get turned in. All we can do is hope and pray that our adoption will move forward without getting caught up in the new laws and legal wrangling.

Will you pray with us?

Not only for the adoption issues, but please also pray for my trip (I leave next Thursday). Pray for safety and please…  pray for a big heart and tons of courage. There is so much devastation left behind from Sandy, so many hungry, hurting people. Please pray that I can be part of living God’s hands and feet there.

Pray also for health for my three-week visit and for Brian’s one week visit (he will come for Thanksgiving). It isn’t really wise to visit doctors or hospitals there, so we want to stay strong and healthy.

I will update you with pics and stories as I can. We can’t wait to get to know our boys, to learn who they are – what makes them smile, what nurtures their hearts, what games they like to play. We want to immerse ourselves in their world and learn all we can. Pray that God gives us insight into their little hearts, that we will love them well in the time we have.

Thank you tons.

18 thoughts on “Easy mister, important stuff here!

  1. Kneepads on!! Go forward, dear Elsa, in the everlasting arms of God knowing He has your papers, back, front, feet, health, plane, train, automobiles, Haiti’s land and people, your hearts, and your precious boys in HIS HANDS!! I love you and am PRAYING!!

  2. God bless your continuing journey and your loved ones! I shared some of your story with a friend who has 4 grown birth children and 3 adopted Haitian boys. She’s praying for you and so am I.

  3. You are not only famous, you are brave. May Almighty God remove all the boulders and make your way smooth. May He prepare the hearts of the children for His abundant love.

  4. You left out one other fear/possibility: plane crashes off of a deserted island, your package is picked up by a guy named Caruso, he falls in love with it and names it Wilson!

    Seriously, totally understand your apprehension, about the boys, the state of the island – post storm, delivering paperwork – its acceptance, etc. Just remember how this journey ends, two beautiful boys come to Colorado and call you mommy. Its likely there will be some bumps in this story (already have been) but it still ends the same way. Trust Him to the end. . . of course you will.


  5. You so have all our prayers…so excited for you guys…I know this is both exciting and scary. Enjoy your journey and let the Lord lead you along the path… Love to all of you…big hug to the kids and you both as well…

  6. Praying all of these things for you, Brian, the boys, and Haiti. Looking forward to hearing all about the wonderful things the Lord will do in and through you, Elsa! God bless you!

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