Lovence is walking!

Our oldest boy (in Haiti) Lovence is walking!

Just four months ago, he couldn’t stand. His little body was giving out. But then he was found, rescued and he has slowly found life again. When we went to visit him, he could barely stand on his own and he had yet to take his first steps.

We received this video yesterday. We were actually at a Scottish festival in Estes Park. Bag pipes were playing, people were smiling and laughing.

I was a mess.

I opened the e-mail, grabbed Brian’s arm and right there in the middle of “Oh Danny Boy” we watched Lovence walk for the first time. We felt the most incredible swell of parental emotion. “He’s so determined,” Brian said with papa pride. And my mama heart was about to burst. Tears flowed and love overwhelmed me.

Check it out:

And as you think of it, please pray for them both. Things in Haiti are changing rapidly and we just don’t know what’s around the corner. Please pray that God will pave the way, as only He can, for us to bring our boys home.

(Oh, and by the way – we changed our minds and decided to keep their original names in honor of their heritage and their birthfamilies. We’ll pray about what their middle names will be, but their first names are Lovence and Laurentz.)

How we love them already!

30 thoughts on “Lovence is walking!

  1. Awesome progress! Thanks for sharing. Prayers that a smooth path will be paved and both sons will be home in your loving arms. God Bless!

  2. Yea! Im so excited… I know how proud you are of him…He is a determined little guy and happy…Can’t wait for you guys to get him home with you… Love you

  3. Wahooooo! What a joy to see! I’m praying that God will fling the doors open wide for those boys to come home in record time, and for wisdom, peace, and joy for you and Brian as you wait.
    much love!

  4. Well, if that didn’t make my day. How many times have you watched it Elsa? 100 I bet. I am sure your arms are twitching, as mine surely would. I will pray for obstacles to just fall away. Bless you. Kathleen

  5. Wow! We are glad that you are keeping their names. How wonderful to be in contact with video! Even more awesome to see him walking. We were at the Highlands Festival as well. We would have loved to bumped into you guys. Yes, we will keep praying for God’s speed in bringing them home to their loving parents. Blessings to you – Jon and Pam

  6. Elsa, I have tears in my eyes! He is going to be hiking the Colorado mountains someday! xxoo Praying your boys come home sooner than planned. xxoo

  7. As Alice said – we pray for record time in setting these little ones on a new journey. Oh, I guess that applies to you and Brian too! Love and prayers from me to you.

  8. What a joy to watch his precious ‘proud’ smile. He is walking right into all of your lives….and we love watching. Susan in Parker

  9. I watched the video and one precious moment stood out…(Beside the miracle of him just walking!!)…When he hit that little crack in the path, he stopped dead in his tracks, he paused and looked back at his care giver, she gently prodded him forward….I heard God whisper, see when you hit those little cracks on the pathway, keep your eyes on me, so that I can prod you forward!! Thanks for sharing!!

  10. Dear Elsa,  Thank you for sharing the video of your precious son Lovence.  His walking is surely a miracle given his tenuous hold on life when he was found.  I love that you have decided to keep their Haitian names as a way of honoring  their heritage.  I pray every day that the Holy Spirit will lead and sustain you and Brian on this journey through the adoption process.

    My love to you both and to your dear mother,   Nat


    • Dearest Nat, thank you for you kind words – and your encouragement about their names. We feel good about it. Thank you also, for your prayers. We know it will be prayer that brings them home! Love you, Elsa

  11. This is absolutely the most touching video I’ve seen a very long time! I am SO happy for your family! When these guys make their way to the states you MUST bring them to COMO for a visit! I want to squeeze them! ❤

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